Belloozxa X: It goes over hill and dale

The electric scooter market has grown exponentially in recent years, and one company that has made a name for itself in this sector is Bellooxa. Since our platform also deals with micromobility, it was important to me to take a closer look at their Bellooxa X. With this, the brand presents an e-scooter that should not only make a good impression in the city, but also when it comes to hill and dale. In addition, there is a connection to the automotive industry. After all, Audi delivers some vehicles together with the Bellooxa Pro (comparably), as Henning Krogh was able to test for BusinessInsider.

Now let’s look at the e-scooter in detail. It accompanied me at home at the beginning of July, as well as on a three-day workation in the middle of the forest. Thus, the e-scooter could be tested both in the city and in the great outdoors. First of all, let’s talk about the visual impression. The Bellooxa X is a robust and powerful model that stands out for its purist design and its 12.5-inch pneumatic tires. These tires are significantly larger than the usual 10-inch tires found on most e-scooters. They offer improved traction and stability, even on demanding surfaces. What is immediately noticeable when you unpack the e-scooter from the not even small package: its weight, the sheer size and the clean appearance. The Bellooxa X is characterized by its stable and puristically designed tubular frame, which is complemented by robust aluminum mudguards. This construction is ideal for spontaneous tours into nature and gives the e-scooter additional stability. The handlebar is thick and not height-adjustable, and two tubes running from the side lead from the bottom of the handlebar to the rear wheel. This design includes the footboard and battery and gives the Bellooxa X extra stability.

The mudguards are sufficiently wide to protect the rider from splashing water. Despite off-road capability, it is not recommended to be on the road in pouring rain. In this case, neither the grip of the tires nor the textured surface of the footboard is sufficient to keep the rider on the e-scooter. Overall, the workmanship of the Bellooxa X makes a high-quality impression. Nothing wobbles or looks out of place. Personally, the e-scooter meets my taste not only because of the minimalist design, but above all because of the restrained colors that are used. On the other hand, small details such as a hook on the handlebar, on which small shopping bags can be hung, may be available.

Otherwise, it can be seen that the cable routing is well solved and there is no unnecessary protrusion. A turn signal is not available, but can be retrofitted cheaply if you want. Only when screwing together should you pay attention to whether the corresponding grub screws are already pre-assembled in the handlebar. That was the case for me. Contributed to the fact that it took me longer than necessary to mount the handlebars on the handlebar, with tools included. If you know what the problem is, it goes much faster.

If the handlebars are appropriately attached, nothing stands in the way of the riding experience. This is because the handles of the Bellooxa X are ergonomically shaped and are therefore also suitable for longer journeys. The thumb grip for the motor control is smooth enough. On the left side of the handlebar is the control unit with four buttons, which is also used to determine the three-level level of assistance and to turn the lights on and off. The front light is bright and variable in beam angle. The rear light lights up when braking. All this is shown on the centrally placed display. Which is placed there by a removable rubber frame that provides protection against scratches. In addition to the speed, this shows the remaining capacity of the battery and the total kilometers driven. If you want to see this data processed differently, you can take a look at the associated Bellooxa app. However, there is not much more to see there than on the digital display on the e-scooter itself. With the exception of the electronic motor lock, the driver can also access most of the options available there by holding down the plus and minus buttons for a long time. You won’t find a bell, as you know it from other scooters, on the Bellooxa X. An electric horn is installed here. However, this is likely to be a bit louder, especially in city traffic.

Or you can mount an additional bell on the handlebar. Another interesting feature of the Bellooxa X is the lock mechanism built into the frame. This can be locked with the separately available Bellooxa mate by tex–lock, which makes life difficult for thieves. A nice detail is the small metal e-scooter on the key ring, whose handlebar is even foldable. Almost identical to the great original. Although I would like to see more support here when “holding the handlebars” when folded. The folding mechanism of the Bellooxa X is simple. The handlebar, which can be folded down via a safety lever, is hooked to a retractable device on the rear mudguard. The 21-kilogram e-scooter will then measure only 128 × 59 × 62 centimeters, instead of the previous 128 × 118 × 62 centimeters when unfolded. Now let’s talk about the driving experience. This doesn’t need to hide at all. Thanks to its 500 watt motor, with a peak power of 900 watts and a maximum torque of 35 Nm. If it is moving quickly, the e-scooter is locked at 20 km/h and brakes down quickly thanks to its hydraulic disc brakes with 120-millimeter discs. There is no suspension, which is less of a problem on flat roads than if you decide to ride the e-scooter through the forest. Then, depending on their size, sticks and stones can become an obstacle that is better avoided.

Bellooxa states that a full battery charge allows for a range of 60 kilometers before the e-scooter needs to be recharged for a duration of 4.5 hours. However, it is important to note that this range has been determined under optimal conditions. As with the WLTP cycle of electric cars, you are welcome to subtract something here in order to arrive at more realistic values. Cost $2,093.00 USD.

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