Ron DeSantis bids to outflank Trump on the right

As the struggle to get to the White House is getting stronger amongst the expected presidential candidates in the US, we see that there is a definite tension rising between the voters and the candidates themselves.

The former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump seems very hopeful that this time again, the voters would not let him down and he would be the one who would claim the office of the president of the US.

It seemed true a little while ago but since we have seen the recent activities and the pace of the governor of Florida, we see that Donald Trump has got tough competition.

The current governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis is the one who is most likely to be elected as the president of America, and to many, he does not appear to be too liberal.

Bill Whalen, who is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution think tank, talked about Ron DeSantis and his tension with former president Donald Trump. At Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, Bill stated “DeSantis’s strategy, for now, is that he is going to try to outflank Trump to the right and there’s opportunity there”.

He further added about Trump being outflanked that “He can go after Trump’s record as president on spending. He can go after Trump on refusing to address entitlement reform, which Republicans seemed to abandon writ large”.

Ron DeSantis being the favorite governor of the people of Florida, seems to be a promising candidate for the elections in the year 2024. Yet we do not know what these presidential elections will bring in the future for the people of the US.

As for now, the newspapers and social media are flooded with the Ron Desantis news as all eyes are focused on him as to what his next move would be.

Those who are keen on the matter, are advising the governor not to take things with extra confidence because every single action, at this time, from the governor is being noticed.

So Ron needs to be very careful about whatever he is doing and whatever he is saying on public platforms. Because one single act from him can get him into deeper problems apart from the presidential campaign.

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