3 Career Paths For Digital Marketing Graduates

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There are numerous reasons why people would take a digital marketing course and begin a career path in the field. For starters, it’s a thriving industry. Countless consumers are buying products based on advertisements they see or from the results they find as they use search engines. They also make purchasing decisions based on what they see on social media and open emails.

Digital is now dominating the marketing sector, with the digital marketing spend expecting to rise in the coming years. Growth in digital marketing is now outpacing the traditional counterpart, so you can expect a ton of career opportunities in the digital marketing field.

But what exactly does the digital marketing career path look like anyway? Read on as we share the specialties you can focus on.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing

SEO marketing is one of the most widespread and in-demand skills in the field of digital marketing. It focuses more on creating and designing content to rank higher in search engines when customers search for brand-relevant queries and industry-applicable searches.

According to a study by Ahrefs in 2020, 90.6% of online content receives almost no organic traffic from Google. Simply put, the majority of search engine queries would lead consumers to the same pool of high-ranking results. If a brand’s content can achieve one of the top spots in search engine rankings, it can attract many customers.

SEO is more than just correct keyword usage and now encompasses numerous concerns, like mobile accessibility, website speed, page usability, and a lot more. Here are a few positions under SEO marketing you can consider, based on your skill level.

  • Entry-Level: SEO Specialist
  • Mid-Level: SEO Manager
  • Senior-Level: Digital Marketing Director
  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an extremely fast-growing vertical in the digital marketing field, as well as a powerful tool in business advertising. This specialty will involve developing content and advertising strategies promoting customer interest and engagement on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

These are some of the job opportunities you can take on if you decide to choose this specialty:

  • Entry-Level: Social Media Specialist
  • Mid-Level: Social Media Manager
  • Senior-Level: Communications Director
  1. Email Marketing

While social media marketing receives more media coverage, email marketing is also a core profitable aspect of the modern business. It can sustain and increase business relationships, offer value to customers, and increase engagement for any company. It can also drive sales through circulated targeted content made to appeal to the target customer’s needs and interests

Here are a few positions you can consider under this specialization

  • Entry-Level: Email Marketing Specialist
  • Mid-Level: Marketing Research Analyst
  • Senior-Level: Digital Marketing Lea

Besides the career paths mentioned above, there are more specializations you may be interested in pursuing, such as:

  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Wrapping It Up

If you plan to take on a career in digital marketing, look into any of these specializations to find what suits you now

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