10 Anniversary Gifts You Will Be Proud to Give

Visa gift card

When a couple celebrates an anniversary it’s a celebration not only for them but for everyone in their life. Family, friends and even acquaintances honor the couple’s dedication and commitment toward one another. The gift you offer to them should reflect your love and admiration for the milestone they have accomplished.

  • Push Pin Map. Adventure enthusiasts will absolutely adore this push pin map available on Etsy. It comes in either brown or black and is customizable so you can include their name. Made of wood with an attractive finish, the map is designed for push pins to place into the special locations where you’ve been. The company offers decorative pins (for example, heart pins) or you can supply your own.
  • Visa Gift Card. Giving them the choice to purchase their own experience or item makes the perfect anniversary gift for any couple! You can customize the Visa gift card with a bespoke photo and text, plus they can easily track their purchases and balance online which means it’s also safe and secure. With thousands of retailers available at their fingertips, it’s a gift you can be proud to give.
  • Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories by Jacques Pepin. With 75 fun and charming borders and themes to choose from, this book lets your retiree document the meals and gatherings they have over the holidays, celebrations, and every day. If they love to cook and brag about it, this book is for them! With a space for guests to write their comments, it’s a keepsake they will add to for years to come.
  • Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase. Whether they are celebrating their first or 50thanniversary, the personalized champagne wedding vase available at Uncommon Goods allows for customization with names and dates. Perfect for a bouquet of bountiful blooms, the wedding vase will be cherished and find its place on a prominent side table or mantel.
  • Hammock Sky Double Hammock. What could be lovelier than floating on air with your beloved on a perfect day? This two person hammock will make you feel just like that and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It boasts pleasing green and blue stripes and comes with all of the accessories needed to take it camping, put it in the backyard or wherever you want to lounge on a cloud.
  • Ballroom Dance Classes. Did you know that dancing helps prevent dementia? It’s also a wonderful way to bond with your spouse, bringing couples together in new, exciting, and romantic ways. There are plenty of dance studios around to choose from – a popular one is Fred Astaire – where you can gift the lessons to your favorite anniversary pair or sign you and your partner up for fun.
  • Star Map on Night Light. Star maps have risen in popularity over the past couple of years. You choose a special date and the night sky from that evening is prepared as the ‘map.’ The Star Map on Night Light takes that same idea and puts a soft, ambient light behind it, making it even more in line with the perhaps the best celestial and heavenly gift you can purchase for your betrothed (or your beloved anniversary couple).
  • Custom Laser Engraved 3D Crystal Ball. This anniversary gift available on Etsy makes a beautiful anniversary gift you can customize with a picture of the happy couple. Available with a wide range of various melodies including Castle in the Sky and Canon, it is handmade from wood and glass and is sure to be a touching addition to anyone’s décor.
  • Personalized Copper Beverage Tub.If your couple loves to entertain, this copper beverage tub is great for ice and lots of beverages. Personalize it with their names; it’s available in silver and with or without a stand.
  • Harry & David Deluxe Favorites Gift Basket.They will munch to their heart’s content with all of the goodies inside this bronze and gold tin container. Raspberry galettes, milk chocolate-covered cherries, Moose Munch premium popcorn, sharp white cheddar cheese are just a few of the delicious treats to unpack. The delightful spread is presented beautifully with a thick gold ribbon; they will use the tin long after all of the treats are gone.

Anniversaries are a celebration of love so choose your gift with thought and care. These gifts are perfect for honoring couples who have reached milestones in their commitment to one another.

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